By Vrushali Khadilkar , India

As a creature on earth we all evolve and experience change within our own selves and the things around us. Some are unexpected and some are terrific.
But, you welcome them as you aren’t left with any options. Change is the constant.

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them-that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.---Lao Tzu

That’s such a good thing to hear. If you just don’t accept it you will face the hardships even more. So, accept change!!
Now we are in the month of October which I hope will bring joy in your life and you will change for good.
For Indians the upcoming three months are full of festivals approaching the new year.

India have seen change in the Supreme Court decision as well.
So!! Don’t give a fuck about what you are doing right now is considered bad by someone… later court may allow it..
So, if you want to see the growth you need to welcome certain changes.
See change as inevitable & challenging rather than something to be dreaded.
Look you can’t be afraid about change and your mindset shall be change adaptive.

Instead of being thrown by change, see it as a way to learn new skills.
That’s so correct! Get up and prepare yourself to learn more by the change.
Remember, we are human beings and we’re able to adapt.
When you see that the Change is not that bad it will allow you to make a fresh start and there will be better ways to grow.
Be comfortable!!

When you are calm and are not panicked you can handle such changes in a good way.
Remember that sometimes though the change may look difficult to handle, you will get through it. You are strong!!

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