By Rohit Chauhan

 Affection is a broad term that's very elastic in nature. It's direct strings attached to the inner cognitive thoughts and sound that we make to express our overwhelming into our surroundings. Affection has the ability to enhance mental stability of other brains in a manner that can be perceived as harmony in environment. But it also has the ability to destruct the current hierarchy in nature.

When two different souls are interlinked in such a manner that the overwhelming positivity inside two souls is automatically spread out into the existing environment and as a result, influencing the extended strings attached to those lovers, thus making the environment around them, in sort of a harmony which people tend to admire. Affection is not something that starts and ends with just two souls but it's something when properly nourished by the two souls, possess a greater impact on our outside environment.

It's ironic that people look at affection to fulfill own desires thereby the strings attached between people are nothing but distortion in frequency that can be vanished anytime that probably occurs at the time when the frequencies reaches its lowest threshold.

The above perspective is entirely focused on the affection taking place between the humans of different frequencies that has absolutely no distinction between genders. When it comes to the affection among different species on earth. I'm not entirely sure what triggers them, however the specific aspects of frequencies that I'm wondering about may vary differently based on the their evolutionary state such as their primary objectives and the portion of their past lives has dedicated to the subject of my understanding.

Now if we as one of an advanced species attempt to understand their metastable state of their inner world psychologically and neurologically, we'd be heavily deceived as they've already been through lots of complexities since the beginning of their time. Observing an entirely different perspective from one end would be equivalent to, observing the cognitive elements of your primary relatives who happened to exist in the very beginning of our race based on mere speculations.

Humans have grasped upon several different concepts of nature, thus making our way to the greater opportunities. Now, imagine a swan and a lion and think of their descendants, they must have put all their energy into just one objective mainly, "Love" and "Hunt" to survive their livelihood. These two species are very different from each other but they sequentially possess similar goals, i.e., to survive.

It's quite hard to imagine that one of the most intelligent species on earth is losing their grasp on several subjects while racing towards an esoteric environment in not so near future. There's always something we can do about ourselves to consistently improve our emotions and intellect. As we all must be aware of the fact that there had always been a gap between, a group of people who are/have been explorers, pioneers, inventors and a group of people who have always resides merely with beliefs, faith and several religious conundrums which forms a rapid slowdown in the entire process of evolution and thus we suffer from dawn till dusk with ourselves. The former group of people forms their environment on the domains of rationality, logic, and with a thorough analysis of the system and thus leaps forward into the time whereas the latter half of the group resides on faith, and typical mores which helps a little and takes away everything else from a person's identity to survive and thrive upon the limits.

At last I'd like to end up with a thought or an idea that might provoke ourselves to reconsider the whole point of our approach towards our actions,”What if the whole point of the world is to become one. To be one giant copacetic working mechanism in search of a higher truth. And, until we become one, we just float aimlessly through space waiting for this singular organism to mature and connect to other planets and galaxies in what appears to be an eternal network. Then, once sync'd, it grows into something marvelous, say a Human Being. We could quite literally be the developmental stages of an organism greater than ourselves.”