Written By Janhavi Waikar
social article

After analyzing the people around me; friends, family and even a random guy… What I find in common is ‘they like those who like themselves.’

In simple words, the more you are centered towards yourself, the better you grow. Like how it is said that, you are judged by the company you keep. The same way my friends are judged wrongly because they have me by their side. Not that I’m a spoiled kid or something but I have this ‘like’ issue. I don’t like me. What we do is try to tell everyone that you are depressed when in fact what you really are is sick. Not physically or medically but mentally. You don’t even realize what’s happening to you. Its like writing on your palm without letting you know. Marking yourself with something that you are gonna pay later without even knowing it.

After talking to a certain person, I realized that depression is not a right word. What we think depression is that it should consists of lack of attention, endless tearful-nights, dull thinking power… Blah blah blah… Nothing like that. Either you are lonely, not alone; unhappy, not sad; grieving, not crying; have a fear, not afraid…. Depression is not this. Its just a psychological concept where your mind suggests not to cooperate with your body and its an indication that you need to change and change for good, change for all, for yourself. Sure I say I am depressed but now I realize, I have the fear problem and its normal. You need time to think but if your daily activities don’t permit you enough time, then prepare a timetable and make time for yourself… I know it kinda sounds cliche… Timetable and all, but trust me it works. And when you think about yourself, don’t think about what you can’t do, think of what you can do, even if its your tiny talent or just an assumption of what you want to do.

“When ‘I’ is replaced by ‘WE’, then even illness becomes wellness.”

The more you talk to yourself and about yourself, the more you will understand yourself and act on upon it. The best thing in this world is knowing yourself. It’s the hard, I know but if you want to fit in the world then take a step. Even baby steps would do but lift up your leg, and your head. It’s even hard to know about what you want to do but trust me guys, there is no need to be afraid.

If you are scared, if you need help, grab a friend and the more you talk, the lighter you will feel. A friend is always by your side. but don’t exceed your word limit of depression language in front of him, because remember, you are judged by the company you keep. if you always say sad stuff then he won’t like you if you don’t like yourself. No matter how much we deny, but friends will enjoy your company only when you let them enjoy. If you are sad, they turn out to be pissed off, if you are happy, ultimately your circle is joyful.

For once I thought that I had no friends, no one talked to me but later a friend told me my problem and here it is. Stay happy and stay relaxed. If you need a friend, I’m always here, at your service guys. Don’t let anything bother you. Go with the flow ’cause that’s what life is about.