By Shikha Tatwadarshi , India

 A plucked star in the galaxy

misplaced from in its path,

A homeless ant dispersed from its colony,

And I am trying to find my way back to you.

A dying mule deer calling out to its mama,

An injured butterfly with broken wings

trysting with nature to fly.

Refusing to give up.

And I am still trying to find my path back to you.

Broken souls,

withered emotions

all ingredients of a strong cocktail,

my eyes still search for you.

You are the ghost that haunts me

on cold, dark nights.

And when I am awake

I keep myself busy in folding laundry

and picking up fights

so I don’t have to think about you.

I crave solace,

my mind restless

your thoughts pecking at my ears

with pointed, sharp beaks.

My friends advise me to let you go.

My enemy even develops mercy

and asks me to let go.

But I still search for you.

Afterbirth and cubs,

all lying dead.

The distressed lioness brave

She hasn’t given up.

Now will I.

The world calls me a fool.

Still I am trying to find my path back to you.

I am that shooting star.

I am that lonely ant.

I am that dying mule.

I am that injured butterfly.

I am that grieving lioness.

Still I refuse to give up.

I try to find my way back to you.

( Whether I think I can or I can’t, I am always right )

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