Going to the movies alone

By Yanisa T , Thailand
Going to the movies alone

 Recently, when I told my friends that I was going to watch Spider-Man: Homecoming by myself, they were surprised. I enjoy going to the movies alone. For some people, they find that to be absurd. It has become a social norm to go to the movies with someone; friends, family, or significant other. This has contributed to the perception that if you go to the movies alone, you are a loner.

I often go to the movies alone by choice. Sometimes the people I want to go see the movie with are not available and I become very impatient so I just go see the movie by myself. Sometimes I just go alone even if I know that my friends are free, I still don’t invite them because I just need some alone time. I enjoy going to the movies alone as much as going with friends or family.

The first time I went to the movies alone was when I desperately wanted to see one of the Marvel superhero movies and the people who I’d like to go to the movies with were not available. So, I just went alone. To be honest, I thought it would be weird but I actually really enjoyed it. If you go with your friends you can share the moment and opinion with them but if you go alone you can then truly be yourself and be with yourself. It is an interesting experience to be completely alone in a room full of people. I didn’t feel lonely or left out, I was more with my own thoughts. Moreover, I don’t have to be conscious of my reactions if I go to the movies alone. When I watch movies, I tend to be extremely immersed in the movie as if I was a part of it, so most of the time it is best that I don’t go to the movies with someone I know.

In case I haven’t convinced you here are 21 reasons people who go to the cinema alone are the right ones.

I think that you should not be afraid to go to the movies alone. Just do whatever you want, whenever you want.