Human body as a giant power house !!!

Written By Rohit Chauhan
Human body

 Build an imaginary inner world where no one can interfere with your independent thinking. Place an encrypted security inorder to prevent your thoughts from absorbing negative impact or being easily influenced by an outside source.

You build your own world where your eyes are your supermarket (Daily Observations) from where you choose and design your interiors (The way you perceive). Your ears are your agents (Different opinions from the people) who brings you offers inorder to make your world a better place to attain conscious state of mind. Your mind is your power house which monitors and nourishes everything according to the quality of the things you buy from the supermarket and the credibility of the agent’s quality of voice, who brings you random offers. Together, on the command from the power house, the employees (The hands/Legs) comes into play and get things done, with everything you've provided them with.

Collectively, when these operations are fully functional and operate exactly the way you have always wanted, you perceive things in such a manner that no one has ever perceived before, the way you do.

One who fails to embrace everything they have and utilise, thus surrenders to mediocrity!.

There are lots of consequences of being living in the past and future. This simply means that you're more focused on the next and last distant objects in the supermarket than focusing on the object which is right in front of you. For you can miss out on something beautiful in the supermarket that'd have fitted beautifully to your interiors. You might miss out something from agents who'd have given you a wonderful insight but you failed to catch that thought.

So build an approach today in a manner that fits best in your shoes and start decorating it.