Written By Janhavi Waikar

´╗┐depaR! Spell it reverse, well no use because that's what my life is. Upside Down! That scene in my mind makes me wanna die again a million times. My parents never knew why I turned mute. My friends never knew why I changed my path. My heart never knew when it stopped beating.

It was my fault that my existence was a mistake. Only if I would've left early from work. Only if I would've chosen a different road. Only if I would've booked a cab. But now my life dwells upon 'Only if's'.

Maybe I turned so weak that I couldn't shout for help. Or maybe I shouted so loud that I lost my voice forever. Was I meant to go through this or was it just 'on the wrong time, in the wrong place' thing? I need these questions to end but I don't wanna know the answers.

I used to celebrate every moment of my life, cheer up everyone and gather them to enjoy even the tiniest of second. Seems like they are doing this, the motivating stuff, but the only difference is they are failing. Trust me I wanna be normal again, the one fooling around and craziest being ever. But that night never ended with a sunrise. That night remained dark as it can ever be. Its my heart who wants to live but my soul died months ago. The more I avoid, the more it comes to me like a boomerang. Maybe I deserved it, for what I don't know. I'm so impure that no fountain of glory can clean me. I'm so bitter that no sugar syrup can sweeten me.

I pray that no one stands in my position. Every girl should have the courage to speak up for themselves and rest of the community. May those be punished who make our lives living hell. If our breathing becomes a torture then their death becomes their punishment. Our dignity is our treasure and no one can steal it. Even if I stand alone I will fight but end this forever.
'Let's end the crime,
           Let's start to shine!'

FLYHIEE-->  'Incase of any assault being caused to you, never give up. Fight for it and be strong because your courage is the beginning of something better. Your voice is always heard here and we support you. You are not alone.'