Know Thyself

Written By Puja Raj
Puja raj

 Who am I? What’s my identity? Am I just a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student, a woman? Isn’t there any identity of my own? These questions keep poking me to put zeal on my work,or say, my studies. But why? Just to prove my identity to others or to prove it to myself. Every night I fight,I fight with myself thinking whether I would be able to carve my own identity or not. If yes,then how?

The world is full of brilliant minds. I don’t even know whether I am an average one or below or above that. But yes,I want to create my identity, to be known with special designation, to be called with honour, to leave positive influential impact on future generation,and to remembered by future in history. I came with nothing but don’t want to die in void like a novice.

I am no one but someone to some,Princess for one and may be witch for none. I have always heard that “Humans are social and rational animal.”, and that they can’t resist living in isolation. But is it all what human life for? Answer is,No. We are born free….To think, to reason, to act, to will, to make effort for what we want, to express our choice, to pursue what we really want to do besides the loads of action imposed to be done.

As beautifully quoted by French philosopher Jeane Paul Sartre:
   "We do not know what we want and yet we are responsible for what we are – that is the fact."

Our action speaks for us. But our action most certainly are forced by our passions. And only with passion we can accomplish our goal. If we are rightfully focused for our goal,we will get it. I’ll try till I get dry.

My brother always had a very conflicting view than my preconceived ideas. And whenever he said anything, I just can’t spare my time thinking anything else than on reflecting on what he had said.
And Voilà, I come up with new perspective to see the world. He always said.. “Dream for the best you want,and work for it. Even if you won’t get that best,you’ll have better than what you have now.”


    ,I can’t deny that even my life is also shaped by people around me.

But bringing “Me” out of “she” is all I want. I can’t expect my name used with “The”, but at least with great love and respect. People had done their roles. Now its my time to shape my life. I am enthusiastic about my goal,my career, and will try best out of me to achieve that. This is my promise,not to you,but to me.

Ending with the quotation by the great German Philosopher,Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel :
"Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion."