By Aarti Gharat, India

 We as human beings tend to do mistakes. mistakes are unintentional thing which is done by every human being. Just because of one small mistake we loose precious things from our life... one mistake which hurts someone, one mistake can take us to the failure.

But one mistake teaches us lots of thing..
what we have learned from our mistake??
-If we did mistake we always try to fix it,we learned from it and we stay aware so that it does not be happen again...

Mistake in exams, mistake are spoken bad words to someone, Mistake is that we trust in wrong person, mistake is the thing that happens when we aren't attentive,there are lots of mistake we make but.. we always try to fix.. n we take efforts to fix our mistake.

But there was one girl. Her name was Shina always try to be just normal and stable in her life.But her life was not stable. Every situation was bringing on pressure on her.She always tried to face that situation but it was tough. she couldn't concentrate on her problems hence she start doing she was doing mistake she started losing her valuable things from her life.

Every time she was learning but she was doing that mistakes again and again. People started pointing out her. she was flustered

But one day one lady came in her life as teacher as friend. Shina's ma'am. she started understand shina's situation and gave trust that everyone did mistake but if people are pointing out you then tell them by your action. Those actions will fix your mistake,those actions will stop people pointing out you and do such actions hence the hand which are pointing out u automatically will clap for you... shina get inspired by that lady. she.motivated herself. she never look back her.mistakes. she learned alot from her mistakes and she succeed.

In short if we have done mistakes, that time situation will be critical but just keep faith in yourself and try to fix it,learn from your mistakes and stay aware that it should not happen again.