Written By Janhavi Waikar
social article

LIFE. It’s a big word. Just four letters but holds an infinite collection of things across this multiverse. Yup, multiverse. You never know whether you are the only person living in this whole cosmos. I’m more of a fictitious thinker and I act upon it too. Only the difference is that I don’t find the same results just as the Fairy Tales suggest, because this ain’t a fairy tale and I don’t know how I live with this. So every time I pause from my dream line, I find the world wholly new. This is not why I expect the world to be. Love, Peace, Harmony is what my eyes die to see perhaps it’s hard to find them when everyone around is a machine and acts like the same. The evolving earth of technologies made this living harder. Everyone expects us to be perfect and frankly telling I’m not one of those robots. I’m one of the most unwanted creature on the world but I know everyone has a reason to live for. I don’t know what mine is. I’m trying to make myself strong and accept the fact that this real world is not my place but I can modify it to my needs once I understand the formula to live.

Meeting a tons of counselors makes me think that the world still has hopes of life but again the life is way bigger than what we can ever define. This expanse of pleasure can be found if we look for it, if we take out some time to find it but the dynamic surrounding pressurize us to work and not enjoy. A world where we are slaves to the things we own mastered. We walk along the same path just like others. I’m not those who walk on it because I don’t sync with this generation, I don’t fit in. marks and grades is what the society demands and happiness and joy is what I can provide. See, I don’t just not-fit in but also I walk on a different path. A path chosen by a handful souls, a troll that can be tracked by just countable people. Others believe in their brains, I believe in their hearts. I know that everyone has a heart, somewhere down their hard faces, holds a soft layer of feelings where their self-love is hidden. They can change and one day I know they will, but their one day will come when they realize that ‘this was not what they wished for.’

“Every new day is another chance to change your life.” Sometimes life is just about walking ahead. If you make a mistake then don’t step back, walk ahead, change path but don’t turn. just a single step in right direction can change your whole life for once. these are the turning points which comes at least once in your life. I didn’t got it but I wait for it. Or maybe it has already and I didn’t realize it’s existence. It’s up-to us for how we look at our lives and what we make of it. But remember, whatever you do, you find your real self. because if you follow someone and then switch back to your own, then you will find the world at a different level, in a different sight, because that’s when you will be called ‘new to the world’ and need to start all over again.

So keep changing, because change is constant and never be scared of it. That’s how you will get a turning point and would want to love yourself.