One and Only

By Shubham Gupta,India

 You don’t have to find that person for yourself, love yourself the way you want to be loved and take care of yourself the way you want to be taken care of.

Don’t we all have our loved ones?

People, who care about us, cook our favorite food, or who will always be there for us through our thick and thin. At times, they are a pain in our ass yet they cure our heartache just with a hug.

How many times do we run towards people in the thought of to be understood but how many times does it really work that way?

How many times do you feel neglected even though you have been helping that person through their thick and thin? Isn’t it ironic that people who tell you that you are everything to them yet talk to you like you don’t matter much?

Isn’t it the same reason why we run on an unknown track, talk to random people, put them on a test, help them, pour our heart out just to find that one person we can call ours?

How many times do we all feel lonely in one particular moment even though we are sitting in a group or in a room full of our family members or don’t we?

Someone who won’t mind taking time out of his or her busy schedules just to ask you whether you ate something or not?

Or maybe along the lines, they say, “call me once you reach home.”
Just to find that one and only one person to whom we can strip our soul bare, and tell ourselves, “that one person won’t judge me, no matter what!”

Don’t we? We know we have a family yet we run outside looking at faces, talking to people, just to find someone we can call our home!

A home! Not a house!


That one and only one person who will listen to our ramble, talk about his/her day with us so we would know that we have someone to talk to but let’s be honest how many times does this all work out in the same way?

Isn’t is messed up when you think that you found your one and only but the truth is in the same process that person found their one and only and you sit there being their chatterbox or confession box because when you need their help but they are just so busy in their life that them not telling you about something they are up to is your mistake and you not telling them is also your mistake!

You don’t have to run for someone else to make you feel that you are missing something in life. You don’t need anyone else to make you feel that you are complete and cherished and loved yourself.

This world is full of masks and people treating others like a tissue box. Used when needed and thrown in the back of the cupboard when no more in use.

You don’t have to strip your soul to anyone but to yourself and accept yourself for who you are because your body is home to your soul and you don’t need anyone to be your one and only but yourself.

For if you won’t treat yourself no one will do. For people treat you the way you treat yourself.

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