Our Daily Freedom Struggle!

By Ruchita Sawant , India
Our Daily Freedom Struggle!

Morning 11am, wearing my comfortable white and blue kurta, pairing it with light blue legging, half hair tied in a hair clutch and rest kept open I was waiting for my friend as we planned to go out for lunch.
few college students came and stood next to me to board a train. One of them was in black jean and a lovely white top with a black shrug, second girl was in a blue jean and a bright yellow top and other one was wearing a black knee length skirt, with a comfortable black and white stripes shirt on it, open hair, the normal wedges and she carried a sling bag with it, she looked adorable. (PS: I could be only see her)

In a minute or two, train arrived and my phone pinged too, my friend replied - " I just got the train, will reach in 10 mins" I understood she isn't in this train. so I replied "ok" and looked up.
These 3 girls were boarding the train, next to the ladies compartment was general compartment which was in the train's running direction. train took a hault for 15 secs, as it was a holiday, there was no rush. Two girls got into the train and while the third girl in her own world was getting in the train, the guy in gents compartment was staring at her, he looked at her from top to bottom. anyone looking at him could sense it but she was unaware. He looked at her as if he was scanning her from within even when her clothes were not " inappropriate" as per the society standards.

when I saw this I could not just control my anger, within those 15 secs I could not do much but I did something which I felt was right at the moment - while he was staring her, I kept staring at him and didn't stop even when he caught my sight and made him feel uncomfortable until the last moment.
when the train left, I saw him going inside and sitting on a seat.

I don't know if i did right or wrong.
or i could have done something else but I know one thing, I did not just sit quite but gave it back in my own way.

Even if it has been 72 years of independence but in reality people's mind is still stuck. Its just one of those incidents which happens everyday in everyone's life and the most disappointing one is when it happens between the same gender for example women degrading other women for wearing western clothes.
when will people's mind be free from all this and accept that one has the freedom to wear what they are comfortable and not what you are comfortable seeing

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