Pain is the teacher

By Kelly Bristow , England
Pain is the teacher

 Pain is a teacher, although at the time when experiencing pain, whether this is through shame, betrayal, abuse, abandonment or any other form of pain, allowing the pain to teach you enables you to learn resilience, it embraces a truth that life is a struggle. Pain can be transformational, as it gives you fuel to turn it into passion!

 Growth is painful and so is change, but being stuck is more painful, its through pain experienced from mistakes ad/or failures that we become wise.

Surviving pain is critical and it is up to you to either allow pain to continue destroying you or teach you. Pain teaches discipline, determination, it pushes you to push yourself.

 Pain can often be regarded as masochistic, yet pain is painfully transcendent. Scars form to create a resilience to anti fragility, the scars are a vulnerable flexibility, offering spiritual elasticity. And this teaches that pain is alchemical, a bit like transforming demons into diamonds turning wounds into wisdom. Raising your conviction and self reliance.

 Pain makes art, and art without pain is superficial. A bit like make up that conceals the insecurity of the fragmented self! Pain is the leverage to resiliency into heightened awareness, transcending the previous state. This is when pain becomes the foothold to the threshold.

 Physical pain, reminds us we have a body, and we can change it or heal the wounds inflicted upon it. Mental anguish tells us we have a mental body and need to root out the causes that restrict our development and growth, and emotional pain tells us we have sub conscious wounds, from a past memory, or trauma.

 All pain requires the same concept – attention to our own self to address and relieve the pain, this is what we have courage for, in facing the deepest depths of our pain! Courage is facing and changing pain, turning inwards to release the pain, into pleasure or relief!

 It’s during dark times then you feel you’ve been buried, in either failure or pain that you face an opportunity to flip the script and instead, imagine you have been planted instead. Then you bloom, from the darkness of the shadows, you come out, into the light!
Your Scars are your medals, that say ‘I survived’ they remind you of the pain you endured, and conquered.
There can be no gain, if there is no pain.

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