Paper leak:Root cause

By Dr. Tuhina Gangopadhyay , India
Paper leak:Root cause

 In the discussion of the root cause behind the incident of the paper leak of Mathematics in the class Xth Board exams, the next question that arises is, why are the parents and the students so desperate to have the question paper in advance?

This action is clearly pointing towards the educational process of the last 10 years they've passed through. They have become habituated with the kind of examination where the problems are already known to them. This existing teaching technology does not train them to face unknown problems.

In this context, it's better to know that why we should solve mathematical problems, and why it is compulsory in the curriculum upto Xth grade. Nowadays numerous popular guidebooks are available in the market and questions appearing in the exam are mostly copies of the same. The student gets readymade answers without learning the skill of solving problems. And of course, average and below average students memorize the solutions. Certainly, it is not mathematical aptitude which is reflected in the marksheets.

The system doesn't inculcate in them the habit of facing unknown problems which life will throw at them. The skill of solving problems is qualitative, not quantitative, how efficiently, not how many. Mathematics in our curriculum is to train our brain to be logical, rational and to be able to apply that skill in real life where no marks will be awarded.

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