By Dr. Tuhina Gangopadhyay , India

 The recent news of the question paper leaks bound me to think about some aspects of modern education. Is it not that the coaching centres and educational institutions have become marks producing industries, where one pays to get marks? Without knowing the subject and forgetting all moral aspects which is the backbone of our age old education system. This incident not only is pointing towards a group which is at the epicenter of this, but also pointing to the parents who allowed the student to follow the trail.

Pressure Is this expected of respectable parents ?
By analysing the situation, it is evident that psychological pressure of performance is the root cause of all this. The value of a child is always measured by the marks scored ( forgetting about the means). Parents use the child's marksheet for their social status. It is shameful. This is a kind request to the parents from an Educational Psychologist that please, love your child. Support your child when he could not score upto your expectations. Do not put him under pressure. Keep your own respectable image in front of your child. You are the first model for them to follow.