Projection & Dark contracts

By Kelly Bristow, England

 When you’re willing to do something or give up something in exchange for something else this is an agreement, this is called ‘the contract.’

In relationships, a contract is viewed as a marriage certificate, as it is recognised by law. However, not all contracts are legally binding. Moral contracts are agreements that humans have with the world at large, an interior code of conduct that includes the human rights of each individual. The balance of power disrupts the natural connection between two people, the relationship is unbalanced and one sided, in favour of the aggressor or leader.

Everything about you is recorded subconsciously in your life, which is submerged and stored in the body, spirit, mind energy field. The good qualities and bad qualities of your personality all have their roots firmly planted here, in the subconscious. The shadow, darker side of the personality, is a vibrationally dense energy known as shadow projection.

We, as humans have this ability to dump, project or transfer, unwanted energies and aspects of ourselves upon others, making them the scapegoats to our denied and rejected qualities. Projecting our thoughts, opinions and feelings onto a person, situation or incident. As we talk about and share judgements about something, we are effectively paying attention to the topic of conversation, the intentions of the speaker, is revealed in the conversation. You just have to listen with empathy to figure out the true reason.

Sometimes the projections make it to the periphery of another person’s energy consciousness, to which it can penetrate much deeper into the psyche and heart of that person. Bonded by internal, buried trauma (childhood and inner child trauma). This is how they stay bonded to one another, the unknowing victim gives away their psychic aspects, energies or qualities to the aggressor, or dominator.

The danger here is if they are conned into giving their whole heart and soul to another, they are unknowingly and inevitably, planting the seeds of a dark contract and over time this may lead to demonic control over, the giving party.

If you gave your heart and soul to another it may not problematic at first because you were willing and you got what you wanted. However if we cannot feel love, we start to feel fear, anger, hatred, loathing. Inevitably, fulfilling a dark contract that pulls us down to shake us or wake us up, gives rise to the lesson that the contract was generated to begin with.

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