By Vrushali Khadilkar , India

Well!! There are lots of stuffs to read online about the reservation quota. The constitution had the section and they have told that eventually the quota shall be decreased and the opposite is happening which is bad for India. The upper caste people are now at the receiving end and those who had reservations are already getting benefits since long time.

The reservation was basically given for those backward class to nourish. To bring them up and offer them reserving access to seats in the various government jobs, enrollment in higher educational institutions.

As said in The wire it’s so true that there is a critical need to revise, refine and improve reservation policies in India depending upon its dynamic needs.

Now all the college students those who come under open category have to pay more fees. The meritorious students who most are among upper class don’t get admission but the student who is under reserved quota and isn’t meritorious at all gets admission. That’s the fuckin' truth!!

Also at jobs the people under reserved quota are given more benefits and are promoted even their performance is not there.

While choosing the government jobs and preparing for exams like that a person from the open category needs more that 60% and a person from reserved quota is allowed even though they get below 50%.

Let there be opportunities given On merit base and not on caste base.
A boy in twelfth grade studying science scores more in the test and though it’s like that he doesn’t get admission. The cut off list is different for all the quotas.

Does government want all the deserved candidates who come under open category to stay away and kick the nation to stay abroad…

Yes!! I guess that would be great because deserved candidates are chosen when abroad by the institutes over there. The unqualified Dalits replacing meritorious candidates in all fields is happening everywhere.

Government shall remove all the reservation and see too it that everyone is judged for merit base.

Obviously, sometimes we all feel that the vote bank which the government has is generally under the reservation category. So!! The government is not taking any step.

But remember always those who come under general/open category that you are deserved.