That person

By Yanisa T , Thailand
That person

 We all have ‘that person’, the one who we have so much feelings for, the one who has unknowingly affected us so much. For me, that person was a friend of a friend whose confidence caught my eye. That person was the friendly talkative guy at the bar. That person who could not be more than a friend. That person did not feel the same way that I did and yet I gave him nearly all of my heart.

Why did I do that?

I liked the way he made me feel, not the way I feel about him, but the way I feel about myself. I felt comfortable being around him. I felt that he accepted me for who I am. His confidence in himself showed me that it was possible to believe in myself too. I felt like I was enough. I like myself better because of him, this means so much to me. Hence, he too means a lot to me. When I was with him, I felt alive, for once I was actually living.

Maybe it’s because I’m inexperience, what ever so little that happened was significant to me. I could not think of any other reason that I had such strong feelings for him. It seems like anyone could have shown that to me, I do not know why it had to be him.

For that person to be out of my life, it has been difficult and it will be for a while.