Written By Janhavi Waikar
speaking girls

How you wish you had a twin or a sibling of the same gender and a similar age… or maybe just a true friend, but mainly a person who is there with you all the time and understands you and faces the same things like you. Overall, just another you with whom you can discuss and sort things out. We say mothers are our best friends but not in my case. At least not anymore. No matter how many friends you have, when your life takes a turn then no one is there to be at you side. Agreed everyone has their own priority levels but is this what we accept. Even adults leave the talk at a point because they feel they don’t understand you and never will because of the gap of age difference and lack of comprehending the same thoughts.

Most relations in this world end because of this priority list. It’s not a bad thing but it doesn’t always fit in the same manner every situation and with every person. What do people like me do when they need someone? As far as I’m concerned, I’m more of a shy and less talking type. Still my circumstances at times make me wanna shout at the top of my lungs. And I do. Not really shout but talk. To myself, in the mirror as if I have a twin. Sometimes with two mirrors inclined with each other so I don’t feel alone.

Never hesitate to start a conversation. Once you make a trail, you don’t need a direction. Match according to the person in front and talk and talk and talk. A topic is all you need and trust me guys, everyone in this world has something in common to talk. Even if it starts with a toothbrush and ends with a nuclear missile.

We often say that walls have ears. I believe it because I sit in my room talking rubbish while facing at the wall. In that way I’m relieved that no one is gonna stand in front of me and give a reaction of the stuff I’m speaking. It’s easy to say everything inside and stop the keeping calm movement. The more you speak, the lighter you feel. You don’t have the fear of exploding all this in front of someone. Talking helps even you talk to an ant or a lizard. Have courage to face anything in this life, because remember, nothing will last forever. Bad times will come and you have to just be kind and face it until it moves on.

“Have courage and be kind.”