Written By Janhavi Waikar

Messed up! Life is a mess if you don’t have labelled lockers to keep parts in them. Not everything is needed every time. Your music skills won’t help you out of your high school. The moment things are scattered and ‘messed up’, we find life like a maze. And so it becomes like one. A labyrinth, where you find yourself under that giant mess. You jump in it and spend time searching for happiness. The more time you take the more your patience reduces. Ultimately it leads you to dissatisfaction. And that’s when you thinking process retards. You wish you could stop time and clean all the mess. You could stop and erase all your mistakes. And when you play again, you will match the pace. You spend time in thinking this, planning about where to start from, how to stop time, which things need a polish and later when the alarm rings you stand right where you were before. Just a bit more behind because congratulations, you just wasted your time in thinking about ‘mission impossible’, the time-stop thing.

Things don’t work like that in the real world. Just realize what you did wrong and never repeat it because you don’t have a Time Turner to roll back in past and change your future.

“Don’t hold onto the thoughts that don’t allow your mind to move forward.”

I know saying is easy and doing is hard as hell but even if you try a little bit every day and start cleaning your mess around, trust me things won’t pile back on you. A little bit every and you will understand the pattern. Sure you will find phases from where to start and what to do but here is an advice, start with the lightest thing, be it improving your habits or waking up early. Even if it is doing your silly two page homework but do it. And with a hope that you can do it. Don’t just lie on bed staring at a screen, do something productive. Life is way bigger than the mess around you. The more you involve in your work, the better will be your habits. If you really have the urge to stop it, then stop your negativity and not your ability.