By Anchal, India

 Whenever I read this quote, I remember myself in the same exact position and right now feeling good about it. I’m honestly scared to put myself out there and wonder if everything will be fine because you will get hurt, like being in a war. What I’m supposed to do is to make the decision in my mind should be prevalent that whatever happens and no matter how much worse things get if there is an end to good things, there is supposed to be an end to bad things too, no doubt.

But it’s important to remember following the next step, which is not giving up because it is hard to go through all of what you’ve gone through till now and obviously there is no turning back. There will be moments where you’ll feel that the world is empty but at the same time extremely crowded, roads are empty but there’s no way through, stairs are empty but are way too steep. That’s when you initiate step two and cut these feelings out.

Here’s the point– it’s okay. It’s common to be vulnerable at a point where it all begins. If you don’t feel helpless, you can’t know if you actually need help. Once you need help, you search for it. Sometimes you end up asking people, but you learn that it isn’t about them but about you. You learn about life, you learn lessons and above all, you learn about yourself.

Be happy, be joyful and roll your way through dark times but before that, learn to be vulnerable– because that is how you’ll become powerful and firm.

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