When We Care…

By Whitney Ibe ,Africa

 You will meet people in life who feel they can’t be loved. They don’t see their own greatness or value. If it were up to them, they would become an island. They walk in fear and every one arounds them walks on eggshells. They make life boring and no matter how happy you are, you will end up sad hanging around them. They are not as bad as they portray themselves, the problem is they are scared of being happy and believes anyone who comes close is out to hurt them. For every time they shine or anyone compliments them for shinning, they cast a shadow upon themselves and stay in the dark.

We can change all that…

When we truly care for them, we can see their value and worth when they feel worthless and down. Fear, hurt, pain, won’t let them let anyone into their heart but we can love them right and show them they deserve to be loved again. This requires trust and dedication. I always say “No one can refill from an empty glass”, so also you can’t love anyone until you first love yourself.

When we care…

When we truly care, we give them the choice to seek for hope in the future rather than remain in the hopelessness of the past. Everyone of us has a responsibility to do in the name of love, to ensure that mankind comes to understand itself but very often we become prisoners of ourselves and forget we’ve got one life to live. It’s time we stopped doing time and start living the life we planned for and dreamt of in our youth. It’s not what you loose, it’s what you gain.


We must remember that the future can only be prepared when the past is repaired. Find a way to use your life as a service to others and it will all be just fine. When you realize how valuable you are, it won’t be difficult to see it in others.

When we truly care, we become what we say and do daily. It is said that love doesn’t have any failure. If you win, you will win a heart and if you don’t, you will win a life and you’ll surely know how to live after. Your life will always be your life, but you will be truly rewarded when you give a piece of your life away to another.

“When we care and as long as we have them in our hearts, we can never loose them no matter the distance. “