Why should I?

Written By Puja Raj
Puja raj

I was asked if I can stop day dreaming. Why should I if I hold the power to make it come true. I believe in my dreams and what’s the use of sleeping and dreaming and then forgetting.

I was asked if I can live loose. Well! why should I? I love to be determined so that I can achieve something I determine.

 I was asked if I can stop being revolting and be serene. I asked, why should I? If I don’t like something to happen, I have to stand against to stop it. Nothing happens by itself. I am the cause of what’s happening or what will happen with me. And I can’t be the reason for my regrets.

I was told not to hustle. Hold on!! why should I? Why should I stop being me just because you don’t like me otherwise.

I was asked to switch to commercial T.V. serials when I like to watch cricket and sports. I ask, why should I?

 I was asked to behave properly and be more lady, but why should I? Aren’t my passion, compassion and identity bold enough to justify what I am?

Why should I become what you want me to be, when being myself is all I want? Why should I have to obey, when I can rule? Why shouldn’t I question, when I should? Why?