Women sleep their way to the top?

By Nwokesonye Henry, Nigeria

 When a woman excels and gets to the top in the society she is branded sleeping around, when a woman makes it in politics, business, showbiz etc., she slept her way to that level.

When a man makes it to top congratulations are usually in order but could the same be said for women? The reverse is usually the case, the only congratulatory message meant.

for a woman in a higher position is “she slept her way to the top”, the question is, isn’t it possible that women work their way to top through hard work and nights of sleeplessness, toiling to accomplish organizational set goals?


A lady once said “women! Women can do anything for money” when faced with idea of her school mate working in a bank.

A female photographer after a few introduction of herself, her line of business and work experience was met with a hilarious “are you only one in that business, how many rounds did you give him” because she was contracted for a wedding in London.

After watching her walk past them, some group of guys said “after she go form say she sabi, when she dey open legs anyhow for oga”

Are there no women who genuinely and deservedly made it to the top in business, academics, politics etc. without being jeered or ridiculed as someone who slept her way to the top, in other words bought her status with sex?

Let’s examine few comments below Anonymous said; this girls of nowadays can stumble unto anything with just widening their legs, it that simple for them.

Victoria said; only a senseless person will think all women sleep their way through life.

Casandra said; most ladies do that but it will be wrong to generalise.

Amos said; even in school this girls open their legs for lecturers to earn good grades, I can’t defend any of them.

Chinedu says; the issue of sleeping with men to earn favour is on the rise this days as many of our girls are becoming lazier and impatient.

Asuquo says; I wouldn’t want to think that way but the possibility is highly likely.

Benita says; plenty women don see am as short cut to success, no one wants to work for anything , sex is cheap, na little price to pay.

Yung D says; why do u think women are into runs? They simply need connection and money, so they can get to the top under one day.

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