Zainab Ansari

By Penfila, Sri Lanka

 Another case which involves a little angel which took place in January, 2018. What are we?

A 6-year-old Pakistani girl who was on her way to Quran recital when she was abducted and later found raped and murdered which incited protests and outrage in Kasur, Punjab, Pakistan.The incident occurred when Zainab’s parents had gone to Saudi Arabia for performing Umrah and Zainab was living with her uncle. On the 4th of January 2018, while going to a Quran tuition class which was very close to her house, she went missing. Her body was later found in a garbage heap in Shahbaz Khan Road on 9 January 2018. After an autopsy, it was confirmed that she had been raped and strangled to death. The autopsy suggested that she endured captivity and torture before her murder. She was sexually assaulted (raped) and possibly sodomised. Very visible marks of torture on the face and congestion in the muscles. Her tongue was badly bruised and injured as it was pressed between the teeth.

Her perpetrator was found: Imran Ali. The police confirmed that the DNA and polygraph test of the suspect had matched the samples with at least eight minor girls, including Zainab, raped and murdered in within the same neighbourhood and that the suspect is a serial killer. Imran Ali is a 24-year-old mechanic who lived in Zainab’s neighbourhood. “He even took part in protests against Zainab’s murder.” Imran Ali has confessed to his crimes.

zainab-ansari Shameless…. he takes part in the protest to find the “Murderer – Himself”

On 17 February 2018, an anti-terrorism court in Lahore Central Jail, found Imran Ali guilty of raping and murdering Zainab Ansari. The court handed him four counts of the death penalty, one life term, a seven-year jail term and Rs. 3.2 million in fines.

Where is this sweet, innocent girl? Why are we failing again and again to take care of the true treasures and the futures of the world? Why can we not stop such thing from happening? One thing I am happy of, is that the loser – the rapist was caught. But, death penalty? No, he should feel the agony until it is unbearable. He should feel the pain he had caused.

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