Dreams Will Elevate You To Another Level

By Valerie Petry, United States

 When I was younger, I would submerge myself in books. They were my getaway. Our Public Library would have this Mobile Unit come and park in our neighborhood. I would spend all day, every day they would come. My parents had divorced, my mom was single with little support, I was the oldest of four, and I needed an escape!! It was here that I learned to journal. I must have over 50 journals. Some I’ve kept, and some I’ve thrown away, nevertheless, writing soothes me.

I grew up, got married, had children, and somehow the hunger to read and write became suppressed and placed on a back burner. My husband then (now divorced), felt a the reading was foolish, and to take time for it was senseless. You see to him I wasn’t being a good helpmate. I allowed him to persuade me away from my dream. So instead, I built a very successful Commercial Cleaning Business. Yes “I”, built it. The only thing he did was obtain the DBA! Funny huh?


So here I was, a mother of two small children, an Area Manager of a Big Box Retailer, a wife, and an Entrepreneur. We lived very comfortable, but I was so very unhappy. There was something missing. I found myself secretly buying books and journals, stowing them away at my desk at work or behind dresser drawers. Crazy huh? I just couldn’t let it go; I wouldn’t let it go.

Then life happened again. I got divorced, after I became aware of my husband’s infidelity, and I let the business go. After all it was HIS DREAM NOT MINE!!! I became very active in writing in journals. To be honest, it was the only other thing besides praying that kept me sane. I invested in a Kindle, a laptop, and a discount card with Half Priced Books. Funny, but I began to feel whole again.

Later I would discover I have Congestive Heart Failure , and I have found myself at rock bottom. But even now, that I’m going through this storm, I have NOT let it deter me from fulfilling my destiny and going after my dreams. I’ve accomplished so many things by continuing to pursue them. I’ve learned things about myself and others as well.


I’ve learned how people will desert you when you’re down and have nothing. You learn who really has your best interest and who was only around, because you benefited them. But most of all you learn to help and motivate others pursue their dreams as well. You become aware that while doing so it strengthens your own determination and motivation to pursue and follow your own dreams.

Whatever you do, DON’T GIVE UP BY ANY MEANS!! You fall, you get back up, you start over, and maybe try something new or different to increase and improve your craft, your skill, and/or your talent!!