Story of My Broken Marriage with Engineering!

Written By Ayushi Singh
Ayushi singh

 I was a solitary soul when I was born to Educationalists! When I was five, I met ‘Music‘! We grew together and shared each moment of joy and sorrow. Unlike my parents, I was a very quiet person who kept meddling with her own thoughts and observations! Introverness was my major characteristic but then I met ‘Literature‘! He was a playful boy with curly hairs and a big pair of glasses. It is a belief that you attract those things/ personalities that you always desired for or wanted to be. Literature’s carefree and loving nature attracted me! I thought to befriend him, however, I was shy! Or maybe, I lacked confidence.

 One day when I was alone and pondering over my life. He came and sat beside me. His smile was so beautiful that it got engraved in my heart! We talked for few hours and I never knew how much overjoyed and relaxed I felt after talking to him! The way he looked at me ….made me blush! I told the whole incident to my best friend ‘Music‘! He assured me that I am in LOVE. Although I never believed him!

On my thirteenth birthday, ‘Literature‘ gifted me a beautiful Diary and a Pen. It was one of the incredible gifts I ever got! I started feeling and flowing in LOVE. I think he felt the same way. I started turning like him, carefree and confident.My father noticed the change, he was happy however he never knew the person behind this.

 One day when I was hanging out with ‘Music‘ and ‘Literature‘, my father went into my room and caught hold of that diary which ‘Literature‘ presented me. That was the peak of our relationship. My father read that diary and was furious (Which was obvious !).That eve was awful!

My father decided to get me married to ‘Engineering‘! When ‘Literature‘ came to know about this news, he was shattered! He requested my father, however, Dad was adamant! I resisted, but all went in vain.The destiny of my life was decided by my father. Even ‘Music‘ tried his best to convince my family but failed. I was forced to meet ‘Engineering‘ pre marriage. He was a very charming and sorted boy. Trimmed in looks as well as in thoughts. He never believed in words like Predictions, Dreams, Thoughts or Imaginations. He was a straight forward person. I am not doubting my father’s choice, however, our compatibility sucked.

 He disliked my best friend ‘Music‘ as he always doubted him to be my ex-boyfriend. Whenever he called or visited our home, the mood of Engineering instantly turned from sweet into bitter.

I cannot say that he was a wrong person, but I was not right for him. He loved me! I never did. He fulfilled all my demands and wishes, however, I could not justify our relationship. I failed as a Wife. In spite of infinite efforts, I was NOT able to forget Literature!

 One day, Engineering called ‘Music‘ for a discussion. He frankly asked him about my past! When he came to know about Literature, he felt heartbroken.For many days he didn’t talk to me. Neither he was angry nor was he ignoring! Everything was just mute. I had no idea of what was going on. I was clueless and thought of talking to Music. He told me the whole incident after which I was really embarrassed. That night was difficult as I had to open my heart to my ‘Lawfully Wedded‘ husband.

 After narrating and discussing the whole incident, we decided to end up this marriage and find ‘Literature‘. He was not angry! He was sad! Maybe he tried to find the girl of his dreams in me and failed. No doubt it was a difficult step however he was with me throughout the divorce process. The whole society was against me for this decision (even my family), but he took all the blame on himself.

I really never understood him!

 After our divorce…I got my true love back in my life. Now I am with ‘Literature‘ and will get married to him, soon! I am thankful to Engineering as he was the one who brought my true love back. This strange relationship between us will stay forever. I will love Engineering for the sacrifice he made for us. It’s good to live with your true love however it is better to realize this soon before compromising on someone else’s feelings!

Engineering still used to say ‘When I met you…you were a heartless soul! ‘
With Literature, you are complete and for that, I love you more! ‘

PS: This is my TRUE LOVE STORY! Only characters are personified!