The Beginning of the Happy Ending.

By Rita Saxena , India

 In my younger years i always wondered about the future .Being married to a husband with a white collar job who had lost his father in his childhood there was not much of backup or call it inheritance .Life was tough with two kids money was always just enough .I picked up teaching jobs many times but due to my husband’s transfers i could not have a permanent job .

Anyhow the services gave us an exposure and a dreamy lifestyle .We would attend parties and also dance events hoisted in the services club .There would be Xmas celebrations for the kids with Santa distributing presents etc. The kids also learnt social etiquettes in true Naval tradition .

However it was a challenging life with frequent inter-state transfers ,changing of schools ,houses and infact the whole setup as well as neighbourhood.


During holidays we would visit our native place and were surprised to see all other family members living life of luxury .No idea where and how they managed but we realized that inspite of our class one status we were infact not at all wealthy .

Years passed by ,we kept going ,guiding ,disciplining our children and teaching them the value of money .

Now after retirement it seems God has blessed us a wealth that is rare .Both my children now busy with their jobs but attached to family value system .

Some endings are happier than the beginnings and sometimes prosperity comes to the less wealthy.