Maria Teresa Pratico

My name is Maria Teresa Pratico and I’m a divorced mother of two teenage boys. I’m currently in remission from being diagnosed with Complex PTSD and I used to struggle with dissociative episodes at times related to flashbacks from my past traumas. I have overcome an eating disorder stemming from my extensive background in many forms of dance. I was Broadway-bound in my younger years. I have practiced yoga for twenty years now, write a blog for WordPress under the title of Emotional Musings and just published my first book of poetry called, Emotional Musings which is available on Amazon. I’m an intuitive empath and I use that experience and my inquisitiveness to fuel my writing. I’m always interested in new ideas and information that can better our society and the human condition as a whole. I’m a loving and giving person who values those qualities in others. The greatest lesson I instill in my children is you may not like everyone you meet but we must show love and kindness to all along our path. I manage a boutique inside of a contemporary hotel in downtown Dallas, TX USA. I strive to spread happiness, love, peace, and light to all I may encounter.