Nima Mohan

Just an amateur, inexperienced soul, trying to express through words. Trying to balance between 3 dimensions -life of a daughter of ordinary parents, married to the love of my life and mothering an energy bundle of 3 years. Recently introduced to the world of words – magic for me – As they say, it all happens only at the right time !!! Pouring out some vibrations from my heart, my brain, and my soul. Starting small to grow big and tall !!
Someone always fascinated by nature.
I see everything as a miracle. I love to get lost in miracles and I always do !
I love dwelling in the imaginary fairy world and my most poems are a result of my crazy imaginations.
Loves solitude as much as I love company.
Loves silence as much as I love chaos.
Loves rain as much as I love sunshine.
Loves the day as much as I love night.
Was in the software field, but now in the world of my dreams.
Having roots in India, but residing in the United Arab Emirates since 2012.
                   My personal blog being  thetenthzodiac