How to remove old unused kernels on Fedora/Linux

How to remove old unused kernels on Fedora/Linux


You can use the following command to remove old kernels.

## dnf repoquery set negative --latest-limit ##
## as how many old kernels you want keep ##
dnf remove $(dnf repoquery --installonly --latest-limit=-2 -q)


Step 1 Be sure you are notrunning the kernel you plan on removing:

Type uname -r in terminal and it will display the current kernel using by your system.

Or You can use the uname -a in terminal to check what kernel is currently used by your server:


Step 2.  Then, decide which kernel you want to delete:

Open the terminal and type sudo dnf list installed kernel or you can use dnf list installed “kernel-*”. It will list all the kernels on the system.


Step 3.  Remove old kernels manually

Type this command sudo yum remove <KERNEL NAME> in terminal and then type the kernel version do you want to delete.


Step 4.   you can delete the old unused kernel automatically by using this command.


package-cleanup --oldkernels –count=1
 5. You can check that old kernel is deleted or not by using this command.

dnf list installed “kernel-*”

It will display the list of kernel on your system after deleting the old one.

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