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Alas! It’s quite disappointing and very sad to see the black nation live in an illusion of the term freedom. The irony coating the whole African situation has left a new sensation that has been eating me from the inside. It’s true that attending the Swahili Fasihi classes has always been interesting and the ringing of the bell marking the end of each lesson has always left me more sceptical and raising the question, Are we really free? Did we gain what we really deserve after the end of the colonization error?

Maybe ‘their claims are true! Most of us might be over thinking and maybe the late Jaramogi Oginga Odinga got it all wrong when he wrote the book NOT YET UHURU. Are we viewing an inverse of our situations or is our daily life dictionary holding the term freedom in an inverse side from what it really stands for? What’s the African view of the term freedom?

The View

The term freedom in Africa is actually based on the independence of the specific nations. We actually view the term as the time when we had managed to get ourselves into supreme power from the Europeans. The time when the Europeans had stepped down of the supremacy due to the pressure from our own selves. The point of reclamation of the long lost power and glory

The situation

I am really trying to understand the term freedom from our point of view but my analysis can’t match our current state. I end up convincing myself that freedom is nothing but an irony to most African states but why are we tuned to the wrong idea? We convince ourselves that we are free due to the independence but fail to understand that we too can be slaves to ourselves. That explains why we are surrounded by great misfortunes despite our so called ‘independence’.

For the few individuals who have made a perspicuous review have always understood and realised some facts in the reality HOSTAGES IN OUR OWN LANDS. The image created when we visualize the words has been considered blank since their is no direct link to slavery especially to the citizens of the continent. We believe that our rights are respected and we have the power to change what we feel is right but the shocking fact is that we are only comforting ourselves from fear of the reality which seems to dawn on us each day. We are not free and we have chosen to run from this truth.

We were hostages ,’slaves’ to the Europeans but as they left us what we considered as freedom, we inherited the hostility and became slaves of our own selves. We have enslaved our own people, dreams and we can’t rise to be counted due to the same. We all wanted to be masters, fame. Greed became our lifetime partners, We were and are actually the we against us, the common say we have blindly refused to accept.

We still value the greatest power of destruction, corruption despite branding our shirts and vehicles with encouraging angelic words stop corruption build the economy. It’s so sad that instead of expressing our wants and needs , sharing and settling our differences we revolt against our own freedom and even enslave our children in messes created by us. Despite all this we still have the power and strength to claim that we are free.( Hostages in our own lands-

My day to day activities have continued to leave me revulted to the whole situation. We still have accidents in our roads despite having the traffic officers on the roads everyday. We tend to call it misfortune yet we all know that we are the cause to our suffering, ignorance has continued to cause misery in our lives yet someone out there was given a mandate over it.

The fate of lives is still determined by few individuals who only put focus in fulfilling their desires and on the other hand we are chained moved from one direction to another with false promises benefiting only those who propose them.

Free at last…but what can I do to change this when power only belongs to the ‘one’ as the rest fall in line with the orders given. Despite all this people are still blinded and live a happy miserable life hoping to see some promises come to pass, an illusion only seen in the imaginations.

The revolution we always want to see all lies in the decisions made by those behind the scenes. It’s officially injected in my mind, NOT YET UHURU. Am still a hostage, a slave not caged.

The revolution we always want to see all lies in the decisions made by those behind the scenes

Maxwell Gad


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