Dark water

Art my own @orkidedatter

Dark water:

A aura of mystery surronds her

can’t take it anymore

cutting herself with a razor blade

suffring in a fatal embrace of red water

is this her slowly goodbye

she cries to the creator of the night

standing on the bridge

looking down in the abyss of the dark water

every waves hide a story

seen so many jumps

no one saved

devil’s speak one way

don’t cross the bridge and

fade away

come withe me

a cruel hurricane is lurking

she could smell the horror from

the depths

feeling the drops of water

and watching them drowning

I can do it…

She is afraid of being sober

calling for death’s detective

the prelude to darkness

while a snowy owl haunted the

surface of the river

up from the mist of the river where you


you took my head within your palms

kissed me passionately

and all my fears disappeared ..

darkness prevailed

now you can see her long, light hair shining in

the dark water

surrounded by her blood as a heart…


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