Humanity won.

Humanity won.
The story teller sits down
with his little clown
To tell about his village and town
with a smile and a deep frown.
When he begins his story,
it has grace and glory
and tear filled memory
Of golden history.
Wiping the tears,
he talks about the changing years,
of degradation of humanity
of growing insecurity.
He tells about crime and bloodshed,
then stops for a moment
for his clown too is sad
and wants to be picked.
The clown’s pain was gone,
not when the story teller picked
but when  he saw the urchin
playing with a stray dog.
Now he saw goodness
and pure heart
when there was darkness
he still saw newness to start.
With the kind gesture
the clown saw a noble character
Humanity was showcased
when the little boy fondly caressed.
And the story had a great ending,
with satisfied souls smiling.

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