The pure silent undisturbed moment,

The pin drop noise disturbing the calm state,

Am impressed by the whisper heard from the 1000 mile gate,

Drawing my attention from the infinite destination,

A place so far no say no communication,

Am impressed focused till the end

In the A.M

Many times I have betrayed myself, many times I have persecuted my own physical desires. My stoic endurance has become my only trend , a worthy pain worth making more gains.

I have always searched for one moment, a moment for myself my dreams and goals, one moment where I can build my world through my imaginations. A moment of anticipation building a worthy goal for my next generation. I have longed to find this moment, a perfect time to match my desires. One time one moment that will pull me to the new level of thinking and knowing myself. A calm state void of anything, nothing but the bright light leading me to the perfect future.

Commanding my life before starting the next chapter. A new phase of life worth a new structure but where is the new atmosphere to create the new visions. I can now smile its made IN THE A.M.

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