Just justice.

Just  justice.
When she was torchered
no one saw that
but when she questioned
everybody was mute.
When she was seeking justice
there were arguments and debate
with witnesses and evidences
in the end she got another date.
When the case came to light
there were upheavals and protest
each day her the newspapers had her story,
with that there were criticism and views.
This remained for long time,
but faded like past
and justice again was fainting
in unknown dark.
The culprits were safe
No mob to attack
after all they were in jail
nor any punishment declared.
Her case was rolling like ball,
the delay was making justice unjust
as if there was no law or Court,
as if victory too was falling apart.
Each hearing seemed like a joke
for at the end there was closed door
it was more like death of hope
and of life of her own.
Each day was killing her soul,
her body died when she was raped
now delayed justice was breaking her all
and yet people said justice will be delivered.
Till now the case is struggling
for a just  decision
she is fighting
for final judgment.

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