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Love is support not sacrifice,

Love is communication not compromise

Love is trust not tolerance

Love is about energy not ego — jay shetty

Lust feels so much like love in fact there is more lust than love out here! Lust is a huge act, it devours and just swallows you all up, its one big show! I remember, dating a dude a few years back who told me everything I ever wanted to hear, he simply managed to turn me into one silly slob kabob, it was a movie’s thing, a fairly tale. i was in love, so in love with a player. Yeah, i got played, so good. Am grateful though because experience is the best teacher, if your guy is trying so much and promising you heaven on earth, chances are he is Val’s brother.. A liar, a cheater, a performer. What you need is someone real. I had a conversation with bae last night and he told me something like, “baby, u gotta love me for who i am, i am not perfect, am not superman, but i try, i do what i can… let this love flow naturally.” That was so beautiful, if only he remembers that am human too, because all other factors constant, real is rare. A pretentious person, who is always playing games with your mind and toing on your emotions, claiming they love you and they wanna spend the rest of their life with you but managing to crush you the next second, that is not love! Matter of fact if you feel confused, if he or she is giving you mixed signals and reasons to doubt, that’s not love either.

Here is the thing, when love walks through the door you are gonna know, it wont be such as you imagined, not your usual crush type. Often it comes blindly, no warning. It creeps up on you silently. You don’t go looking for it, it comes to you! You can put any wall you want, it will be broken down. You’ll find yourself caring about that person without trying. Yes, they look nothing like the boy in your dreams but you get lost in their eyes daily. You see beauty in their imperfection. You hide nothing from them…. You thank the universe for them, you truly love them.

I respect the advise i got from a friend who is a bit older than me, “Dont invest your heart, body and soul in a man who is not investing his time, money and commitment” isn’t this great advise? But is this love? No no and no. Love is not demanding, love is not do me i do you, scratch my back i will scratch your back, give me i give you! Love is not make me happy, love is i will make you happy, anyway! Love is rare, we go about throwing “i love you’s” to people we dont really love. Its not love until they know all about your flaws and still stand by you. The most beautiful thing is knowing you are not perfect and you will never be but someone has got you! The good, the bad and everything in between. I thought Hakeem loved me until i got an accident and he started acting up, like, what the f dude? .. You just gonna walk out on me when i need you the most! Embrace tradegy by the way it helps you realise your ride and dies. The people we think are real are the first to fall off on trial times.

Love is not to make you happy, that’s your responsibility to make yourself happy, love is to support, enhance and add to anything that you do

Be in the know, but stop expecting! Get honest with people about who you are, what you want and how you expect to be treated! Yes, all except how you expect to be treated. Look, don’t beg to be treated right, don’t teach bae how to be bae, if bae is the right bae he or she will know what to do. Expectations will have you disappointed and frustrated, simply be in the know of who you are and want you want and if they don’t live up to your standards, allow them to get lost

Love means growing together, but growth looks different for everyone, love observes how you grow and help you grow in away that is natural and organic to you not expectations.

Clinging is not love, suffocating and trying to cage someone is pure lust, love is not selfish. Love encourages someone to be more free, remember the cliche if you love someone let them go, if they come back to you they were meant for you. Yeah, that is love. If he is tracking you down or she gets mad when you go to hang with the boys, problem! Some people are so empty, they draw all the happiness from other people. They don’t know how to love themselves and they depend 💯 on the partner, learn to love yourself and get busy with your life. Yeah, he or she loves you but we all need some space.

Love is not to feed your insecurities and ego, its to encourage, enlighten and empower each other.

When it comes to joy, when it comes to love, when it comes to exuberance of life…. You must be the source of this. There are two ways to enter into a relationship, one way is because you want to extract something from somebody, another way is because you want to share something with somebody. These are two ways, if you are out to share, your life will be good. If your out to extract when they close the tap, it’s going to get terrible and nasty. — sadhguru

One of the other six reasons jay shetty learnt from his six years relationship is, there are times when he leads and there are times when she leads. Knowing when and letting the other do is so important. “When there is an issue, argument or challenge, remember it’s not me against you, its us against the problem, we are a team, there is no right or wrong. There is no winning or losing.

Love as you think it is, might turn out to not be love at all. Remember I told you-you can’t pour from an empty cup if I don’t have five 5 dollars I can’t give it to you. If I don’t love myself, I can’t love you, just like I can’t give you 5$ if i don’t get it. So the people who are possessive and trying to hold others down are the extractors, they take and take and take and its never enough, they are selfish and so jealous because of their different insecurities, they expect others to provide💯 and be their source of joy, they demand for too much attention, affection and appreciation, they are clingy and needy like Ralph from Ralph breaks the internet😂 they lack an understanding of sharing and caring and their love comes with a lot of conditions.

Love is unconditional, its free, its not i will do this for you, if you do this for me, love is i what you to be happy not i want you to make me happy, its selfless and pure and definitely rare.



Not to side with women but i think men are kinging at Lust, left you a vid. 👆🏽 Be in the know… Don’t confuse high value performance for real love. And, love is a two way street, be with someone who meets you half way, someone who trys, cares and serves you as much as you do

Baby shad💖

By Ezee shad, Uganda

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