The Intolerance Debate In India

The word “intolerance” has been used by many celebrities over the last five years. This word came into the limelight not to criticize something bad happening, but because some started thinking that the government is not working as they want.

Why Now?

Nowadays the term “intolerance” is frequently used by some famous personalities just because they want to feign some sympathy towards a community. Maybe they are not ready to accept that India has voted for a person who doesn’t think the same as they think. They are not doing this for society. They are doing this for fame and money.

Are they really concerned about society?

Celebrities are not really concerned about society. This is because they have never said a word against real intolerance that affects society. They never speak against those who raise their voices against the country and its sovereignty. They defend them in the name of the constitution, and freedom of speech and expression. I will not go into the details of what had happened in the JNU and I am not validating that videos were doctorate or not (according to the Delhi police the video was not doctorate). But from what I have watched on television and heard from those who were present was not acceptable. They were trying to defend that what had happened was right. If celebrating the death anniversary of a terrorist and raising their voices against the country is good, but trying to stop them from doing so is intolerance then I think they need a mental checkup.

 Why are only celebrities and some politicians are feeling “intolerance”?

We live in a diverse country where everyone has the right to practice their religious views. There are at least 24 official languages in India. One can find almost every religion in India. We live in peace and we believe in brotherhood. But the question is: why do some celebrities and politicians claim to feel “intolerance”? After so much research, reading the news, watching debates and understanding the reasoning behind their use of the word ”intolerance”, I found that they don’t care about society and the common people. They have never faced intolerance. They are using this word for their benefits. Some are doing it for money and some for fame and religion. All those who claim to be more concerned about society have done nothing for society. They haven’t donated a single penny towards the betterment of our society. They haven’t taught any boy or girl from a poor family or community. They haven’t said a word about good work by the people. They are not criticizing social injustice. They are criticizing a particular religion. If one religion chanting their god’s name is okay for them then why they are trying to shut the mouths of people from other religions for chanting the name of their gods. Is this not intolerance?

Is Intolerance present?

I can’t see if intolerance is present. Because still, two people belong to the different religion can eat in the same plate. They can share the same room and, the same seat in the railway and airplane. The best example is here. People from the northeast and people from the south face discrimination because of looks and color but they never abused the country for that. Yes, This is tolerance. And, they need to learn from them.

Is Indian society perfect?

Indian society is not perfect. And, there are no country, society and or people in the world that is perfect. They have their issues but they are trying to make things work in the best ways possible. Intolerance and discrimination is present everywhere on the planet. You can’t force someone to feel and think like the way you think. Everyone has the right to think and react differently to the same topic. Indian society and people are no exception. We need to understand our differences and accept that. We can’t be same but we have to value the other’s opinion.

If you have read this, I have some questions for you: 

What will you do if someone will blame you for others wrongdoing?

What will you do if you find that someone is abusing your country?

What will you do if you find that someone is trying to force their views on you?

What will you do if someone says that are chanting your god’s name is wrong?

I look forward to your answers.

Thank you.

By, Amit Pratap Singh, India


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4 thoughts on “The Intolerance Debate In India

  1. I completely disagree with you. Mob lynching, rapes, crimes against women, hate crimes, communal violence, anarchy, discrimination, Dalit atrocities, farmers plight, unemployment, attack on freedom of speech and privacy, etc. have increased manifold in recent years. The ruling party is behaving like that there was no India before 2014 and there was nothing in India before 2014. Many leaders of ruling party keeps instigating people by their controversial comments. They are spreading venom in society. They are dividing Hindu-Muslim to get win elections. Ruling party has created an environment of fear in India. People of different religions were living peacefully before 2014 also but since this party has come in power activities to divide people have increased suddenly. This party has environment where you can’t criticize government, its ministers and leaders and if someone criticize or protest, they are declared ‘Anti-National’ and abused and trolled by troll army. Is criticizing or protesting peacefully a crime? This government is behaving like a dictator. I haven’t such a bad government and PM in my life. Media also has sold out. They have no guts to question to government. This is ‘Undeclared Emergency’ in India right now in which you can’t question government and raise your voice against them. I am not supporter of any party but I have observed these things happening.

    1. I haven’t said that asking questions and raising voice against the government is wrong.
      But I totally disagree with your point that everything is happening after 2014. If you remember it is not all about the post-2014.
      The only thing has changed is the mindset of the people that everything is happening only after 2014.
      What about those people in Kashmir who are just killed because they were Hindu. Have you seen any of your best leaders and actors talked about this? Sikh Riot? Babri? and many more? DO you think all happened after 2014?
      If you have watched the debate of Umar Khalid and Anirban after JNU Incident. You will get to know that abusing and criticizing the government is not the same as abusing the country.
      Atrocity, Rape, riot, discrimination, was there from the start and still present.
      Unemployment is an issue and I am not supporting the government for that.
      You should need to understand the difference between the country and the governemnt.
      Have you ever criticized those who raised voice against the country? Ever asked the question from them who have abused the Hindu’s God.
      It’s not personal and I will never support those who are against this country.
      If you don’t like the government. You have the right to vote against them and go against them but what you are saying is against the people of this country who have voted for them.
      Hindu and Muslim are not divided after 2014. They were divided before 1947 that why there were 10000 of people killed in Riot in Bihar and Bengal to form a New Islamic country Called Pakistan.
      I don’t want to go into that details but if you want to know I would love to share the details.
      Thank you for taking the time to read and share your thought.

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