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Everything in the universe is vibrating energy. Chanting Aum, or Om, invokes all possible states of consciousness. Om is composed of three Sanskrit letters, aa-au-ma, or A-U-M, which sound like awe-oo-mmm when chanted. All clear speech patterns and language sounds are created in the space between the back of the throat and the lips. When chanting A-U-M, you will find the A sound is created at the back of the throat, the U rolling forward into the upper palate, and the M with the lips. A is the waking state, U is the dream state and M is the state of deep sleep.
Benefits of OM Chanting:
1- Chanting OM helps to improves our focus and concentration.
2- Chanting OM Reduces Stress and Anxiety
3- Chanting OM detoxifies the body and mind.
4- Chanting OM Improves Functioning of Heart & Digestive System.
5- Chanting OM gives Strength to Spinal Cord.
6-Chanting OM helps to wipe out the Negative Energy
7- Chanting OM makes You Emotionally Stable.
8- Chanting OM helps to balances the Blood Pressure
9- Chanting OM relaxes mind and body, gives sound sleep try it.
Remember one thing while chanting this mantra , you have to pay attention and forget every thing and totally focus on your breath and keep your spinal cord stiff. Atfirst start with 10 min and increase time daily.


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